April Withers

     I was raised in a Christian family.  Serving the Lord has been a way of life for me.  I accepted Jesus as my savior when I was 10 while being away at a youth camp for Christ.  Any child that has a chance to go to camp should.  They will find much enrichment there. I have followed Jesus throughout my life willing to do his will. 

     When I was 18 I had my daughter Tia.   She has enriched my life and I thank God for her.  Tia is now 13 and plays an active role in our church as well.  She does the overheads for the church to sing our songs.  Tia attends the youth meeting that is held by Craig and Kristi Alexander.

     I was asked to teach children’s church several years ago and it has been my pleasure to teach the children of our church.  I agree with the passage that children are a gift from God and you should not push them away.  As children should learn from adults, adults should learn to have a child like heart.  As my walk with Christ has begun so it has not ended, God is still working on me and changing me each day.  I welcome all families to our church and look forward to teaching your children.